QA Electrical employee in high-vis and safety glasses, arms crossed.
QA Electrical can provide you a career pathway in the electrical and communications industry. 

We stand proud as an equal opportunity employer, providing the pathway to build your career in Electrical Trades, Project Management, Account Management, Business Support and Administration Roles. 

Explore what a career could look like for you, delivering quality services to our communities and wider networks.   

We seek candidates who share our vision and values, including:

Delivering electrical and communications infrastructure 
Excellent communication and customer service skills
Seeking out and adopting the latest skills to remain at the forefront of our industry

Current positions

To view current positions available at QA Electrical, head to our LinkedIn.

QA Electrical acknowledges and protects the privacy of all details submitted by applicants.
With Australia-wide service, we’re here when you need us.
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